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    Liz Skitch

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    Peta Swift - TWIT

    Australias Toughest Personal Trainer

    A 7 part web series, parodying the health & fitness, self improvement and 'well being' industries.

    That's What She Said

    Sketch Comedy

    A Princess Pictures Digital initiative focused on cultivating established and emerging female comedy talent in Australia.

  • Comedian/ MC

    Flirty fun which squeezes your funny bone in all the right places.’ – Edinburgh Spotlight

    Skitch’s delivery is immaculately timed.’ – The Pun, Melbourne

    Skitch has been entertaining audiences with her helium-injected comedy for the past 20 years. She has performed in festivals, parks, pubs, clubs, tents, marquees, bars, in a bus, cabaret, comedy and RSL clubs across Australia, The United Kingdom, and also England. In 2000 Skitch trained with Philippe Gaulier as a clown, before going on to cut her teeth at street theatre and then stand up. She has since established herself as one of Australia’s leading comic vaudevillians. Skitch has a unique style of entertaining, engaging and endearing comedy, and she is an established favourite on the MC circuit. Armed with an accordion, her trademark curly locks and a smile, her take on the mundane and the serious will have you in stitches.


    In 2016 Skitch received the ‘Fields Award’ for “Contribution to Contemporary Vaudeville”.


    Skitch is the brains and producer behind The Moulin Beige.

    This monthly event in Northcote has gone from strength to strength and now proudly sells out every month. Widely known in the cabaret and comedy scene, local and international artists bring their freshest and zaniest ideas together for a fabulous and frivolous night.


    Liz is available to perform at your event as a professional ambassador between your audience and your proceedings.


    No job too small. Professional events, vaudeville (family orientated), burlesque (late night), kiddies, or general comedy.


    Book Liz to perform at your event as a stand up or comic accordionist, or hire her to MC your event, cabaret or festival club experience!



    You will laugh, sing, cheer and applaud, and then you will sing her praises.’ – Glam Adelaide

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  • The Moulin Beige

    ‘A night of frivolity and fun’ – Heckler

    Moulin Beige Trailer

    ‘Expect the unexpected’ – The Herald Sun

    Melbourne’s most extraordinary comedy cabaret! This comedy gala has a classic vaudeville feel; world-class variety acts and Melbourne’s quirkiest comic performers present their award winning routines purely for your pleasure.


    Hosted by squeezeboxing comedian LIZ SKITCH, see the brand new and the tried and true, the up and coming and the long established. Featuring clowns, physical comics, character comedy, theatre of the absurd, circus, cabaret and farce that delights and simply Cannot. Be. Defined.


    Monthly Show:

    The Moulin Beige takes place on the first Tuesday of every month at The Wesley Anne, 250 High St, Northcote.


    Festivals and Events: 

    The Moulin Beige is available to come to your Festival, Event or Private Party! Shows can be tailored for a variety of needs no matter how grand or trivial.


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  • Theatre Director

    Liz Skitch is an award winning director and devisor of new work, especially comedies.

    Chasing The Lollyman

    Since 1998, Liz Skitch has been involved in the creation of a large body of work through her theatre company, deBASE productions. deBASE works to enact social change through comic performance. Comedy can empower an audience to reflect and critique vital and critical issues.


    Directing/ devising credits with Debase include:


    ‘Chasing the Lollyman’ (Co- devisor/ Director: Playing Australia Tour 2012, Hothouse Theatre 2011, Metro Arts, The Dreaming Festival, La Mama 2010),


    ‘The Clown from Snowy River’ (Co- Devisor/ Director: Regional Arts Victoria 2010, Qld Arts Council 2006/7 and Published by Playlab Press).



    Chasing The Lollyman

    In 2012, Liz re-located to Melbourne. Since then she has directed:


    ‘LuLu La Marr, Cabaret Star’ (winner Best Cabaret Performance, Short and Sweet Cabaret Melbourne, 2017),


    Lana Schwarcz’s ‘Lovley Lady Lump’, a one- woman comedy about breast cancer (Most Outstanding Solo Show, Ottawa Fringe 2016, Best Theatre, Dunedin Fringe 2016 and nominated for Best Theatre Award, Perth Fringe 2016 and Best Show, Dunedin Fringe 2016),


    Kimberley Twiner’s ‘The Intensive, Intensive, Intensive’ Melbourne Fringe 2016 and ‘Basha’ (London Clown Festival 2016, Brisbane Powerhouse Wonderland Festival 2015, Melbourne Comedy Festival 2015)


    ‘The Broccoli Brothers’ (Melbourne Comedy Festival, La Mama Theatre, 2015 and The Wellington Fringe Festival, 2015)


    Po Po Mo Co {Post Post Modern Comedy} (Melbourne Comedy Festival 2017, Perth Fringe World 2017 & Melbourne Fringe 2016)


    ‘Trash Test Dummies’ -Guest Director (Edinburgh Fringe 2016, Winner Best Children’s Presentation Award, Adelaide Fringe, 2015.)


    NICA SPARKS Youth Clown Troupe (National Institute of Circus Arts), Director, 2013- 2015


    Melbourne Community Clown Troupe (based at Westside Circus), Director, 2016- present


    Liz is available to help you whether you are starting a project from scratch, or your existing project requires a directing hand, or perhaps you wish to inject new life into a tried and true method. Please get in touch.


  • Clown Workshops

    Liz graduated Ecole Philippe Gaulier in London in 2001 and since then has amassed over 15 years experience as a clown. In this capacity she works with a variety of clown shows, and has trained as a workshop leader teaching children, young people, professional actors, teachers and community groups, professionals and the disadvantaged.


    Clowning is a highly physical style of performance that teaches performers how to ‘play’ for an audience. It fosters the notion that ‘If you are having fun, then the audience will have fun too.’ Clowning is an excellent way into improvising and physical awareness. Learning comic timing and other routines provide the tools needed to shape circus and theatrical comic routines, but also build self-esteem and help gain confidence in public.


    Liz is co-writer of ‘The Clown from Snowy River’ (deBase Productions) which premiered in 2006 (supported by Arts Qld), toured with Queensland Arts Council and Regional Arts Victoria and was remounted in 2017, celebrating 10 years since its publication (Playlab Press).


    Liz worked as the director of the NICA SPARKS Youth Clown Troupe (National Institure of Circus Arts 2013- 2015). And in 2016 she founded the Melbourne Community Clown Troupe, which is based at Westside Circus.




  • Shows


    ‘Skitch is a natural mimic, shedding accents and years as easily as she changes costume’ – The Age

    Spoilt Trailer


    ‘Ruthless and incisive’ – Theatre Press

    SPOILT is Debase's critically acclaimed one woman show written and performed by Liz Skitch and directed by Fiona Scott-Norman.


    On an empty stage sit five mannequins, five wigs and five pairs of shoes. These characters are brought to life by Skitch who performs 'the most hilarious and tragic wedding ever staged'! Enroled as wedding guests, the audience meet Sonja the bride-to-be, her cousin Larissa the reality TV 'star', Peta Swift the celebrity personal trainer, Jacqui the botoxed wedding celebrant and Sue the small-dog-loving wedding planner!


    ‘Spoilt delivers a very adept touch on all that is bizarre in a world we call normal and an extremely entertaining yet painfully honest perception of life as we know it.’ – Heckler


    SPOILT premiered at La Mama in 2013 and in 2014 performed critically acclaimed seasons at The Melbourne Comedy Festival, The Knox Arts Centre, The Doncaster Playhouse and The Brisbane Powerhouse. In October/ November 2015 played for The Arts Council of Mansfield (VIC) before going on to tour to over 36 venues with Artour (QLD).


    You cannot look away’- Chris Boyde, The Australian


    Spoilt is available for tours & short seasons.

    Skitch Tease Video Excerpt


    Flirty fun which squeezes your funny bone in all the right places.’ – Edinburgh Spotlight


    Wearing nothing but heels, fishnets and a strategically placed accordion, no one is safe in this tell-all tale of Liz’s extraordinary life. Dripping with double entendre Skitch Tease has a rollicking old vaudeville feel; it’s naughty but nice – Marilyn Monroe meets Judith Lucy with a pinch of Jerry Lewis. A fast-paced accordion accompanied blend of songs, stories and sensational punch lines.


    ‘Hilarious songs, involving comedy and a cabaret turn to die for, make Liz Skitch’s hour pass in a flash. Her burlesque-style routine is the big selling point, but she has depth in both delivery and material.’ – The Stage, Edinburgh


    Skitch Tease has wowed audiences at The Adelaide Fringe Festival, Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Woodford Folk Festival, and in the UK at Brighton Fringe Festival, Edinburgh Fringe Festival and Glastonbury Festival.


    Guilt laden laughter remains with you well after the show, the dark pall of her cheeky accordion ringing in your ears.’ – DB Magazine


    Skitch is natural storyteller. She’s confident, zany and really sweet, and even when she’s being meowww catty you still want to take her home and introduce her to your mum.’ – AussieTheatre.com



    Skitch Tease is available for tours, short seasons and one night stands.

    Hypnobirth Sketch @ The Moulin Beige


    A new work in development

    MOTHERMORPHOSIS (noun) A change in form and nature of a human female into a completely different person, (a mother). 


    Currently in its first draft, MOTHERMORPHOSIS is an exploration of the changes and surprises that one encounters on entering Motherhood and aims to blow apart stereotypical notions of ‘smooth and easy’ transitions into motherhood and to shine a light on the more taboo aspects of motherhood.

    Inspired by Kafka’s ‘Metamorphoses’, her recent experiences of becoming a mother and utilizing her heavily pregnant form, the existing incarnation of MOTHERMORPHOSIS includes a range of monologues and movement pieces: the doting mother nursing a live chicken, the half –woman/ half- fish, birthing a giant pumpkin, bare breasted confessionals, full nudity flower arranging, bursting waters mid pre natal yoga class, a psychedelic 60s mum high on Dr Spock and a kitsch recreation of ‘The Birth of Venus’.

    As part of Liz’s initial research for MOTHERMORPHISIS, she recorded interviews with a wide variety of mothers (from new mums through to grandmothers). These will be used stimulus in the creative development to further develop the monologues and movement. Sound Artist, Dan West, (Cookin’ on 3 Burners) will commence the development of the sound scape, creating a rich pastiche of voices and sounds, lifting the piece from being autobiographical to powerfully universal.

    Warning: contains nudity, hypno-birthing and a live chicken.


    CREATIVE TEAM: Writer/ Performer- Liz Skitch, Director/ Devisor - Maude Davey, Designer- Yvette Turnbull, Sound Design- Dan West, Movement Advisor- Steph Kehoe, Lighting Design- Richard Vabre


    Mothermorphosis will premier in 2018.

  • Children's Theatre Shows


    Hurry Up and Wait Trailer

    If you don’t have children, find some and take them or simply take yourself – you’ll love it!”” – Broadway Baby, Edinburgh



    Liz has written and performed in a wide variety of productions for young people and children. Her productions have toured internationally, and are still being performed.


    Working with Bridget Boyle and Debase Productions, in 2006, Liz and Bridget were commissioned by Queensland Theatre Company to create a new work for The Out of the Box Festival for 3-8 yr olds. Together they created Lily Can’t Sleep which went on to tour with Act 3 International to Singapore and Kuala Lumpur 2007, Victorian Arts Centre 2007, Queensland Arts Council 2007 and returned for Brisbane Festival 2013 and Awesome International Arts Festival, Perth, 2015.


    In 2010, Liz and Bridget created their second work for Queensland Theatre Company, a physical comedy for children, Hurry Up and Wait. Hurry Up and Wait went on to tour to: Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2011, Japan Tour- Kyushu and Kijimuna Festival 2012, Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre 2013, State Library of Qld 2013, Brisbane Festival 2014 and Awesome International Arts Festival, Perth, 2016.


    Liz’s most recent creation for children, Concerto for Harmony and Presto was commissioned by QPAC (Queensland Performing Arts Centre), supported by Arts Queensland and co- produced by Debase Productions. Concerto for Harmony and Presto premiered at QPAC in 2016 and is currently available for tour.


    Liz is also a recipient of the Gilbert Spottiswood Churchill Fellowship (2008) and carried out a research project to investigate children's theatre practice and cross-cultural collaboration. Fluent in Japanese, Liz went on to establish a creative partnership with Kazenoko Children’s Theatre Company (Tokyo & Kyushu) and in 2012, adapted, rehearsed and toured a Japanese version of Hurry Up and Wait to Japanese primary schools, kindergartens and to the Kijimuna International Theatre for Young People Festival in Okinawa. Her research findings are a model of best practice for adapting work for a non- English speaking audience have been shared through Young People in the Arts Australia and at Drama Queensland, Drama Victoria and Drama Australia conferences.


    To download a copy of Liz’s Churchill Report:

    Click Here


  • Clown, Play & Story Time

    Liz Skitch is available for local community events, parties and festivals.

    You will laugh, sing, cheer and applaud, and then you will sing her praises.’ – Glam Adelaide


    Employing clowning techniques in her performance to empower children to exercise their voices, imagination and ideas, Liz Skitch will tailor a performance to suit the needs of your Library, Childcare Centre or Kindergarten. Dressed as ‘Skittles the Clown’ and arriving with her suitcase full of tricks and trusty accordion, Liz creates her shows based on the day to day experiences of children from brushing teeth to making a tea party. Incorporating childrens’ songs and old fashioned party games like ‘Simon Says’ and ‘Follow the leader’… the performance culminates in a parade incorporating children and their carers, playing instruments, singing, dancing and celebrating their space!